Why bother tweeting?

What stops some creative, talented, gifted people from becoming more well-known?

Why are some creative, talented, gifted people a bit of a secret or hard to find?

Why don’t some creative, talented, gifted people do more to promote themselves?

Why don’t some creative, talented, gifted people use Twitter to better advantage?

What’s the purpose in tweeting? Why bother tweeting?

I have been pondering these questions recently as I have been contemplating the beginnings of my PhD research. I am particularly interested in how social media (such as Twitter) could help solo-entrepreneurs to create a community network that could help them with their social media marketing.  I am particularly drawn to research (and help) people one might refer to as ‘creative types’ such as artists and photographers, especially those who work in rural and isolated areas such as North Devon, North Cornwall & South Wales.

IMG_1705.JPGI am interested in how the collaborative nature of social media can help nurture fledgling businesses and how social media can help establish a brand.

I would like to help solo-entrepreneurs to make best use of social media marketing as part of their entrepreneurial marketing strategy. I also want to research this area and will be writing up some case studies.

There are many ways to learn about social media marketing and yet it appears that there is still a gap in the market because merely tweeting tweets isn’t the same as using Twitter effectively i.e. using Twitter with a purpose.

What’s the purpose? Why bother?

  1. Identify the purpose to answer the question ‘Why bother tweeting’?
  2. Create a strategy, a plan of action, that matches that purpose
  3. Implement the plan and stay focused on (1) at all times
  4. Analyse what happens and revisit (2) & (3) above
  5. Repeat
  6. Learn about Twitter (how to use it)
  7. Learn about Twitter Analytics (how to analyse and measure)
  8. Learn about other software apps that will help you manage and analyse Twitter
  9. Finally, allow serendipity to play its part…

One thing I have certainly discovered is that, whilst planning is essential, you cannot know who will suddenly appear (as if out of nowhere) due to Twitter’s algorithms or due to the Tweets and Re-Tweets of others.  Therefore, a plan is vital but also be prepared to expect the unexpected and to incorporate whatever serendipity brings to you…



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