What’s the purpose?

Having been inactive on this blog since February 2016 my first action will be to remind myself about what I had previously blogged about. I therefore intend tweeting links to any posts that I think are still relevant to where I am now so that everything is fresh in my mind. To see the kind of topics that have interested me in the last 3 years there is a CATEGORIES drop down menu which will select all relevant posts.

What’s the purpose of this blog?  In March 2013 I wrote the following and nothing has fundamentally changed:-

“This blog will be used as a CPD tool for myself; to assist me in recording and reflecting on articles and topics that interest me as a part of my own personal development. Along the way I hope it will inspire others and prove to be a useful resource. It will cover anything and everything to do with IT training, learning and development, coaching and mentoring, leadership and management, Higher Education, technology enhanced learning and, finally, last but not least, the visualisation of data.”

Life has moved on and I have found myself increasingly involved in Data Analytics & Data Visualisation which has drawn me into the area of Marketing Data Analytics & Social Media Analytics. So much so that there is a new business venture about to be launched … more anon…



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