Leadership beyond Engagement

Extract from an article in Management Today’s July/August 2014 issue by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic


“Although decades of scientific research show that engaged employees perform better than their disengaged counterparts, disengagement is a worldwide epidemic.  For more than 10 years, surveys have indicated that no less than 70% of the global workforce is either not engaged or actively dis-engaged.

Poor management is the number-one reason for the high dis-engagement levels.

Leadership is what transforms an individual’s potential into a critical ingredient of a high-performing team.  When people are properly managed, they raise their own game.   …  Ultimately, when people feel proud of their achievements, they will find meaning at work, which will increase not just engagement but also loyalty, turning your employees into genuine brand ambassadors.”


Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic (Twitter: @drtcp) is a professor of business psychology at UCL, VP of Innovation at Hogan Assessments and co-founder of metaprofiling.com (META)***

References:  Management Today, July/August 2014 p66


From personal experience, during the last couple of years, every friend or colleague who has left their job did so because of what they perceived to be poor direct line management.  Could this be, in part, because people don’t receive adequate (or any) training in how to be a good manager and because people are made managers without the natural ability to get the best out of people?



META – Measure of Entrepreneurial Talents and Abilities

“Entrepreneurship is the genesis of business innovation and growth. But all entrepreneurial activity starts at the individual level and some individuals have much more potential for it than others.  META is a state-of-the-art psychometric test that identifies entrepreneurial potential in order to help businesses nurture and retain their entrepreneurial talent. Designed by leading scholars from Goldsmiths, NYU and UCL, in collaboration with Harvard’s Entrepreneurial Finance lab and the UK Government, META is the result of a comprehensive 4-year research program and has been completed by over 100,000 people, in 10 languages, in 25 countries. It is the only validated commercial tool for identifying entrepreneurial talent.”


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