Good Business: Your World Needs You


What became of CSR?

Extract from an interview with Giles Gibbons (co-author of Good Business: Your World Needs You) in Management Today’s latest issue:


“CSR morphed into corporate responsibility, then we had sustainability, shared value – the space where business meets society has exploded.  The UK has been leading the charge. Free from the baggage of the European social contract or the American focus on philanthropy parcelled off to the side, it has been setting the agenda around what it means for a business to be responsible and manage its impact properly.

As CSR developed into corporate responsibility (CR) and evolved from being a one-size-fits-all framework into a process that helped companies identify their biggest issues in the eyes of their stakeholders and address them, it helped companies get their hour in order.

As we begin to emerge from those times, [2008 crash] we are at a turning point… There are inspiring examples everywhere of businesses embracing the big picture and demonstrating to everyone that they have thought through why they exist and have a clear purpose.”


And, if this starts to happen, perhaps, just perhaps companies will start to be trusted by their consumers.

What became of CSR? Management Today, July/August 2014, p 51-52



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