MOOC – FutureLearn’s design for a Virtual Learning Environment

Today is the beginning of another MOOC that I have signed up for.  Why have I  signed up?  Partly because I have a passion for history and partly because I have a passion for technology-enhanced learning.  This MOOC ‘England in the time of King Richard III’ via the Universty of Leicester therefore enables me to read/listen/think about a subject of personal interest to me whilst contemplating the process of learning via a MOOC.

I find FutureLearn’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) layout and design to be refresingly clear, visual and easy to follow.


FutureLearnRichardIII - Week 1

Each week’s content is divided into small, numbered, sections e.g. 1.1, 1.2, etc and the one I need to work on is coloured in pink which helps know exactly where I am.  I like to know what’s coming up (so that I can plan ahead) and therefore really appreciate having access to the future learning blocks (via the WEEK 2, WEEK 3 links).

Having just watched the welcome video (1.1.) there is a sense of satisfaction that 1.1 has turned from pink to blue (denoting completion).  The use of colour in this way is so simple and yet makes it so clear; I know what I have done (blue), what I should be doing next (pink) and in the future (white).


FutureLearnRichardIII - Week 1 - item completed

This scaffolding and design should be enormously helpful as I dip in and out of the website because time is precious and I won’t waste any time by having to work out what to do next.




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