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The Education & Training Foundation has published the new Professional Standards for Teachers and Trainers (2014) in Education and Training in England.



“Teachers and trainers are reflective and enquiring practitioners who think critically about their own
educational assumptions, values and practice in the context of a changing contemporary and educational world.

They draw on relevant research as part of evidence-based practice.

They act with honesty and integrity to maintain high standards of ethics and professional behaviour in support of learners and their expectations” ¹



The Education and Training Foundation - New Professional Standards


What are the standards?  There are 20 standards, divided into 3 areas:

  • Professional Skills
  • Professional Values and Attributes
  • Professional Knowledge & Understanding


The Education and Training Foundation - Professional Knowledge and Understanding


The Education and Training Foundation - Professional Values and Attributes


The Education and Training Foundation - Professional Skills


How will I use these new standards?

I am in the process of drafting my final assignment for my PgCAP (Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice) as part of my intention of upgrading from an Associate Fellow to a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA).  As part of that process I will be self-assessing my PgCAP assignment against the requirements of the HEA’s UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) and I will now attempt to map the new Teachers/Trainers standards against the HEA’s standards.

Why bother Mapping? 

By mapping the two sets of standards I will be able to see the areas of similarity (and possible differences) between the standards which will also help me self-assess against both sets of standards in one document.  This mapping will help me with the specific requirements of my PgCAP assignment (about an holistic approach to my own CPD) but, much more importantly, it will enable me to become familiar with the new standards by reading them multiple times as I reflect on (and identify) recent activities to use as evidence for each of the requirements.

In the Future?

I will incorporate the 20 standards into my Professional Development Planning (PDP) to ensure that I can provide evidence of being able to meet all 20 standards as a natural part of my training and teaching activities which will help me to identify any gaps that need action.

How often?

Will I reflect on this monthly, quarterly, six-monthly, yearly?  I’m not sure at this stage but I know that I will have a clearer idea once I have finished the PgCAP assignment because I will then have an idea of what examples I was able to provide and how easy (or not) it was to provide those examples.



¹ The Education & Training Foundation –



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