Researching MOOCS in the UK

I am very interested in MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses) partly because I have a particular interest in collaborative learning so I have signed up to participate in various MOOCS via FutureLearn.

I started off, sensibly, by signing up for just one MOOC but then more courses interested me and then I realised that I wanted to experience different MOOCs with different universities.  As a result I have now signed up for several courses some of which overlap.  However, most courses only require 3-6 hours per week so this should be manageable.  I probably won’t have time to do the additional reading provided for anyone who wants to research the topics in greater detail but at least I will be able to make a note of the additional reading material for a future date.

One benefit of participating in various MOOCs (with various universities) will be to become part of the communities of learning in so many different parts of the country at the same time.  How else could I achieve that?

Web Science MOOC

secret power of brands MOOC

Good Brain Bad Brain MOOC

Modern Business and Organisations

The Mind ifs Flat MOOC

Innovation and Enterprise MOOC

Managing People MOOC

Full details of all these (and many other) courses is available via the FutureLearn website


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