MOOC – Week 1 – “Web Science” – University of Southampton

I have signed up for a FutureLearn MOOC (delivered by the University of Southampton) partly to experience being a student on a MOOC with FutureLearn and partly out of genuine interest in the subject matter.   The course content is as follows:-

Week 1

“Pre-history of the Web – the emergence of the Web and the diverse Web that we have now.”

Week 2

“The idea of networks … powerful mechanisms for thinking about the Web and analysing it.”

Week 3

“The relationship between the Web and crime … understanding cybersecurity and cybercrime.”

Week 4

“The role of the Web in democracy. “

Week 5

“How the Web has impacted on business… the increased availability of ‘big data’ [and how it] is changing the way that we do business .”

Week 6

“The future of the Web.”    ©  University of Southampton 2014







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