BRAND YOU … What are your talents?

Over the Christmas break I re-read Brand You by John Purkiss & David Royston-Lee which I had first read in 2009.  Some quotes that particularly resonated with me were:-

“The key to building your brand is to know yourself”

“The more often someone thinks of you, and the higher their opinion is of you, the stronger your reputation becomes”

“Your brand should be authentic and consistent”

“Your brand should be based on your talents – things you naturally do well”

The book contains exercises that make you stop; pause, reflect and take action.  I had completed all the exercises back in 2009 and it was fascinating to read what I had written and to reflect further.

What are your talents?

In this exercise I had listed 7 “high points” (memories of times that had given me a sense of achievement) many of which were around the following themes:-

  • Coping with vast amounts of reading (and processing of information) without becoming overwhelmed
  • Being a calming influence on others (ranging from handling horses to helping learners of various ages in various roles to achieve the desired outcome)

As I reflect on those two aspects, I believe that they are two of my core strengths which I hadn’t properly identified (and certainly hadn’t articulated) until I read this book.

The exercise continues by asking you to list talents starting with those that “give you the most energy when you use them”:-

  • Being calm in a crisis / being a calming influence on others
  • Creating order out of chaos / simplifying the complex and making it straight-forward
  • Helping others achieve their best

So the next step is for me to ponder and reflect on these natural talents (i.e. things which I find easy to do that others don’t) to see if I am putting them to best use or whether I should be focusing in other directions in 2014.

What are your “natural” talents and are you putting them to best use?

I highly recommend this book for anyone who is contemplating New Year’s Resolutions and/or planning their own Personal Development for the year ahead because looking inside yourself is a great place to start.

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