Entrepreneurial Marketing – Does Brand Matter?

I am reading “Entrepreneurial Marketing: Global Perspectives” (Zethna et al, 2013) and, having flicked through the entire book to get a feel of the contents, I was drawn to read Chapter 14 first.

Does Branding Matter to Start-Ups?

“Branding involves the internal culture of the employees which reflects the views and values of the company, and acts as the back bone of the brand (Alsem and Kostelijk, 2008).”  Marketing, therefore, is an integral but only partial component of branding.  Thus, leaving the task of brand building to the marketing department, as many businesses do, including established corporations, can be problematic.”

“In our view, a brand is the embodiment of the soul of the enterprise.” (Wan et al, 2013)


Alsem, K. J., & Kostelijk, E. (2008).  Identity based marketing: a new balanced marketing paradigm.  European Journal of Marketing, 42 (9/10), 907-914.

Wan, F., Chattopadhyay, A. & Sun, D. (2013). Does Branding Matter to Start-Ups? In Z. Sethna, R. Jones & P. Harrigan  (Eds.) Entrepreneurial Marketing, Global Perspectives.  Bingley: Emerald.




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