I wanted to experience taking a MOOC via Future Learn to experience how it feels to be one of their students and to observe how they learn (via student feedback) to develop their own platform.  I only intended signing up for one MOOC but there are 3 that appeal to me so I have enrolled for all 3.  This feels rather excessive but they only overlap by a couple of weeks so I should be able to keep up.  However, the whole point is that I am doing this to experience how it feels so perhaps being overwhelmed will make me see things through the lens of a typical student.

Each MOOC has a trailer video that captures the essence of each course that enables you to “meet” some of the academic team.  It is also extremely straightforward to sign-up.

Future Learn courses

Having enrolled for all 3 courses I then wanted to sort them by “start date” which isn’t yet possible.  However, I was impressed that there is a FEEDBACK button which gives you access to their KnowledgeBase of Questions/Answers that enables you to post your questions and suggestions.  I discovered that someone else has already requested this and it’s a work-in-progress.  This shows that the developers are keen to learn from their audience to develop and refine their online platform and it also made me feel connected as though my input was welcomed and valued.


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