Entrepreneurial Marketing – Global Perspectives

There is something about the arrival of a new book in the post that excites me, doubly so when I happen to know the author.  I had the privilege of working with Zubin Sethna (Associate Professor in Marketing at University of Bedfordshire Business School) in my capacity as a (visiting) Academic Mentor (academic performance coach) for international Masters’ students.

During an informal chat over a cup of coffee in a corridor it transpired that Zubin and I have areas of mutual interest and that he is co-Editor and co-Author of “Entrepreneurial Marketing – Global Perspectives”.

Introduction: What is Entrepreneurial Marketing?

“There are a variety of definitions of entrepreneurial marketing.  For this publication, we are informed by the viewpoint of Hills and Hultman (2006) in construction of the book chapters.  As such, entrepreneurial marketing can be described as an umbrella strategy which acknowledges three broad areas of research: marketing that takes place in new ventures or SMEs; entrepreneurship activities within larger organizations; and innovative and cost-effective marketing strategies that provoke market change.” (Sethna et al, 2013)

The book is split into two parts:

  • Part A – Perspectives of Entrepreneurial Marketing (theoretrical concepts)
  • Part B – Approaches to Entrepreneurial Marketing (practical approaches)

I am initially drawn to read Part B and, in particular, the chapters relating to Social Media which I will review soon.


Hills, G.E., & Hultman, C. M., (2006). Entrepreneurial marketing. In S. Lagrosen & G. Svensson (Eds.) Marketing, broadening the horizons.  Denmark: Studentlitteratur.

“What Sethna et al have captured in this rich and explorative research is a new and emerging trend that has been a well-kept secret for many large and small companies over the last decade.  Marketing is not a science but the beauty and acumen of being able to combine both business common sense and ability with marketing theory and creative bravery.” (backcover) Phillipa Snare, Chief Marketing Officer, Microsoft Ltd

“The book encapsulates a wealth of experience from a wide range of authors from leading Universities through global perspectives.  I hope the book will provide a great source of learning to students, professors, and entrepreneurs seeking out new ventures.” (backcover) Lord Karan Bilimoria, CBE, DL, Chairman and Founder of Cobra Beer




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