Healthy Staff = Healthy Profits

“Companies that look after the wellbeing of their employees see a return in greater commitment and higher productivity” (Management Today, July/August 2013)

Gone are the days when most companies can offer the perks and benefits that were once a way of attracting and retaining the best talent.  However, according to the article “many businesses are pushing down absenteeism and building up motivation by introducing exercise, good food and blood pressure-calming techniques into everyday working life.”

Management Today (MT) used an online poll to survey the leaders of more than 200 organisations (private and public) to “paint a picture of priorities” in the world of employee benefits and wellbeing.

Q:  What, if any, is the primary advantage to the organisation where you work of offering employee benefits beyond the statutory minimum?


Healthy Employees mean healthy business = 47%

Good for recruitment and retention = 35%

Ethically a good thing to do = 16%

Don’t Know = 2%

None of these = 4%

Tax Efficiency = 3%

It was surprising to read that a third of respondents said that benefits were only discussed at the recruitment / job offer stage.  A further third said that the benefits were mentioned regularly whilst a quarter said they are discussed at annual reviews.

The companies who are not regularly communicating these benefits with their employees are missing an obvious opportunity because “effective communication between employees and employers can have a significant impact on productivity”.

Communication is vital to a happy workforce so it makes sense for every company to be taking every opportunity to communicate with their employees on a regular basis.


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