HR Software Show

HR Software Show 2013

I am looking forward to attending CIPD’s HR Software Show (19-20 June 2013, Olympia, London, W14) including some of the free learning sessions.

Registration is via:

19 June 2013


Managing HR in Mid-Sized Organisations: thankless task or exciting opportunity?
What is your organisations perception of HR? HR should be a strategic function with its rightful place on the board leading strategies around talent acquisition, performance management and learning & development.
Delivered by: Advanced Business Solutions
The 2018 HR Technology Vision
With state legislation already passed for the driverless car in California and the introduction of Sebastian Thrun’s online university – Udicity – offering the $100 MBA, what will HR technology offer in 2018 and how will this enable the evolution of the traditional workplace?
Delivered by: MidlandHR

How to Ensure your Hiring Managers Engage with your New ATS
A jargon free look at how an application tracking system can improve communication with hiring managers and help them to recruit in a consistent manner that is both fair and ethical.
Stand number: H121
Delivered by: Easy Web Recruitment

Case Study: Utilising HR Software to Effectively Manage Organisational Change
CIPD research shows that organisations experience major change once every three years, sometimes with disastrous consequences. Discover how Sika Limited utilised HR software as an effective management tool during a period of vast change and explore how the right user-friendly and flexible technology can enable successful organisational change.
Delivered by: Cascade Human Resources Limited

The confluence of SaaS, Big Data, Social and Powerful Benchmarks
HR has historically struggled to find comparable external benchmarks against which to measure the impact of HR initiatives. Can the emergence of new technologies change the game?
Delivered by: ADP

Are you HR ready?
HR Ready is about having an HR function that meets the demands placed on it now, next week, next month and beyond. It’s about having an HR strategy that is more responsive, relevant and better connected to the business. This session will highlight some of the key steps that successful HR Departments have implemented to ensure they are HR Ready.
Delivered by: NorthgateArinso UK Ltd

Bringing Big Data into Recruitment and Sourcing
A focused look at how leveraging your human capital data through technology can enable better hiring decisions and understanding of your existing talent, wherever it may reside.
Delivered by: Monster

Using Performance Management Data to Drive Strategic Decisions and Company Performance
Data from performance management systems is rarely used to drive stronger company performance. Learn how to calibrate performance data and use it to make more informed strategic and reward decisions.
Delivered by: PlusHR

Employment Law Update 2013 – What’s Changing and How Will it Affect You?
Join us to discover the latest changes to employment legislation and case law and find out how you can ensure you that your organisation’s policies and practices are up to date, by using the latest software and services.
Delivered by: Croner

Attendance management is much more than just absence management
By effectively managing attendance you create a working environment which maximises and motivates employee attendance. Learn how to increase productivity and profitability by improving management of attendance.
Stand number: H85
Delivered by: Safe Computing Ltd
20 June 2013

Why HR in the Cloud makes sense for SMEs
Today’s online HR solutions do more than help save time and money. They are changing the way companies engage and connect with employees. Join this session to find out how you can benefit from the latest innovations.
Delivered by: Cezanne HR

Auto Enrolment – The Impact on your HR Team
Auto-Enrolment is not just a pensions issue – it will also impact your HR Team as you may be the first point of contact for employees with pensions enquiries. Employee Communication is key. This session will provide you with an essential auto-enrolment checklist to ensure you are fully prepared. ..
Delivered by: Intelligo Software Ltd

How can HR Demonstrate its Value to the Business?
Discover how software can help HR professionals demonstrate ROI to the business and how improvements to strategic areas of HR such as employee engagement, organisational development and employer brand, can bring both financial and non-financial benefits.
Delivered by: Sage HR and Payroll

Tackling the Misconception – Talent Management for the Mid-Market
Research has shown that many middle market organisations assume that talent management is too expensive, unnecessary or exclusively for larger organisations. This session will explore how talent management can deliver real benefits to this section of the market.
Delivered by: Access Group

Bringing Big Data into Recruitment and Sourcing
A focused look at how leveraging your human capital data through technology can enable better hiring decisions and understanding of your existing talent, wherever it may reside.
Delivered by: Monster

8 out of 10 HR professionals prefer integrated SaaS systems
Stitching together different systems is costly, inefficient and problematic. Learn how modern software as a service integrated solutions can provide one harmonious HR, Payroll, Workforce Management and Auto Enrolment solution.
Delivered by: Ceridian

HR: The Heart of Your Integrated Business Systems
As businesses move to align disparate and costly systems into an integrated structure, find out how HR information is key to delivering cross-organisation value and efficiency, and how “joined-up” data can improve organisational performance and analysis.
Delivered by: icsbusinessbox

Encouraging Employees to Self-Serve Rather than Call HR Unnecessarily
How can you refocus resource on strategic goals and still fulfil administrative duties such as answering employee queries? This session will demonstrate how to reduce queries and improve employee satisfaction simultaneously.
Delivered by: Transversal


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