Think … Feel … Know …

“Understanding the way your brain works can help define a great leader” according to Clive Hyland author of Connect Through Think Feel Know.

Connect through think feel know

In an article in May / June 2013’s edition of ILM’s Edge magazine Hyland poses the question “can we really train and develop people to become successful leaders or is it simply something in our genes?”  He proposes that insights offered by emerging neuroscience will take our understanding of this subject to a whole new level. (Hyland, 2013)

  • Thinking layer = The Cortex:  logic, data, structure, method and rules
  • Feeling layer = Limbic region:  energy, sensing, feeling, emotions, relationships and creativity
  • Knowing layer = Basal region:  instintcs, intuition and ‘gut’ responses

The model offers insights into our behavioural responses:

  • Primary Thinkers: orderly, structured, seeking clarity in rules and comfort in method.
  • Primary Feelers: warm, creative, passionate, sensitive to their environment.
  • Primary Knowers: take a position quickly, want to get to the pont, want to get things done.

The “effective leader is the person who can create connections at these deeper layers of interpersonal engagement.  Leadership has to embrace all three of the thinking feeling and knowing dimensions …  The effective leader is the person who can create all of these cnnections and harness allof these talents in the commond cause.” (Hyland, 2013)

The reviews on Amazon were very favourable so I look forward to reading it soon.


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