Personal Learning Networks

Inspiring People:  Steve Wheeler

Learning Technologies, Olympia January 2013
Future Learning Environments: Professional, Powerful and Personal

I wasn’t able to attend Learning Technologies (January 2013) but I had registered and was subsequently sent a link to the video presentations of all the speakers. On a rainy weekend afternoon I watched several of them back-to-back.  One of them by Steve Wheeler (Associate Professor of learning technology in the Faculty of Health, Education and Society, at Plymouth University) introduced me to the term “personal learning networks” using Twitter.

Future Learning Environments - Steve Wheeler

One of the ways I use Twitter is by following people and companies from whom I believe I can learn something useful and then I share that (whatever it is) by re-tweeting it.  I wasn’t aware of the term “personalised learning networks” until Steve Wheeler made the point that Twitter is an excellent (and free) way of learning from people and he encouraged everyone to make use of Twitter in this way.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t learn something of value that I might not have come across without being connected via Twitter.  It does require some time and effort (daily if possible) to continue to build a network of people from whom I can learn and with whom I can share knowledge, ideas, thoughts but it’s proving to be time very well spent.

The presentation also covers valuable insights into trends and future developments (technology enhanced learning, gamification, mobile learning) which I think will be of huge interest to anyone who needs to help others to learn i.e. teachers, trainers, tutors, lecturers, mentors, coaches, managers, etc.

One of my personal interests is how to incorporate technology into my lectures and tutorials to help university students learn and to help them become active participants in their own learning.  I have been inspired by what I’ve found on both Steve Wheeler’s blog and his university webpage  and I’m sure you will be too.

You can follow him on Twitter @timbuckteeth


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